Shamrock Capital Content Fund Strategy

Investment Profile

Shamrock formed the Content Fund to acquire or finance existing entertainment intellectual property rights across a diverse group of assets that have been through their initial window of release, which may include: filmed entertainment, television programming, music publishing rights, recorded music masters, video games and other forms of entertainment content. We target equity and equity-related​ investments and secondary debt related to the global entertainment marketplace.

  • Participatory rights
  • Underlying copyright
  • Collateralized debt positions

Investment Criteria

Shamrock targets investment opportunities that possess the following key characteristics (i) long-term revenue streams that are generated across multiple distribution platforms globally, (ii) predictable post-release performance characteristics and (iii) low correlation and resilience to general economic trends. In general, Shamrock’s investment criteria can be summarized as follows:

  • Industry Focus: Entertainment Intellectual Property Rights – Film, television, music, games, books, stage plays and other forms of content
  • Investment Size: $10 to $80 million
  • Investment Type: Control or minority