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Shamrock’s heritage and reputation have laid the foundation for the values that serve as our guiding principles. We are honored to be entrusted with investment decisions on behalf of our stakeholders and seek to create alignment through best practices and a strong moral compass. We continuously strive to be responsible partners, investors, employers and citizens and to conduct ourselves with the highest level of integrity in all that we do.


As active owners of our investments, we incorporate ESG factors throughout our decision making process in an effort to manage risks, create value, and build better businesses. Our ESG philosophy builds on the firm’s longstanding ethos of integrity, honesty, founder-friendly partnerships, and employee-friendly growth. We will continue to evolve our approach to ESG in a way that is authentic to Shamrock and our industries of focus.

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ESG Integration

We are committed to integrating ESG considerations into our investment process, as applicable. We believe that ESG integration provides an additional lens to help us understand and manage the drivers of risk in our industries, investments, and portfolios, as well as seek to generate long-term value creation where applicable, enabling us to continue delivering superior returns to our investors. A copy of our ESG policy is available upon request.

Value Creation

Shamrock seeks to build sustainable and successful companies/investments through collaborative partnership and long-term value creation. Our Value Creation Teams design and implement customized plans to mitigate risks (including ESG-related risks), as well as leverage portfolio and industry best practices to create growth opportunities for Shamrock’s companies/investments. For more info on our Value Creation Teams, please click here.

Partnership with Ownership Works

In 2021, Shamrock became a founding partner of Ownership Works, a nonprofit organization with a goal to increase prosperity through shared ownership in the workplace. Through access to broad-based employee ownership programs developed by Ownership Works, we aim to create better work environments and financial opportunities for employees while we help portfolio companies improve their performance by attracting and retaining engaged employees who are invested in their company’s success. For more info on Ownership Works, please click here.


Shamrock is committed to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives across the firm, our partnerships and industries.

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DEI Committee

Shamrock’s DEI Committee includes members across strategies, function and seniority. The DEI Committee Mission is to:

  • Foster education and discussion within the Shamrock organization to promote firm-wide values of equality and inclusiveness.
  • Leverage our resources and knowledge to create opportunities for underrepresented groups and the companies they own.
  • Improve the diversity of our portfolio company and employee hiring funnels, which not only promotes change going forward, but also makes us better investors.

DEI Fellowship

In 2021, Shamrock established its DEI Fellowship Program, which provides professional learning experiences and opportunities for rising college juniors from underrepresented backgrounds.

  • 10-week paid summer internship with exposure to investing, finance, and portfolio operations across a variety of Shamrock roles, strategies, and investments
  • Networking events, development panels, technical skills training, and recruiting workshops aimed at fostering personal and professional growth
  • Fireside discussions with senior industry leaders & C-level executes in the media, entertainment, communications, and related industries
  • Mentorship program offering tailored 1-1 guidance and ongoing access to Shamrock network
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Women in Media Investing Initiative

In 2022, Shamrock launched Women in Media Investing (“WIMI”) in partnership with KKR. This initiative seeks to promote connectivity amongst media and entertainment investors through increased engagement, education for the next generation of investment professionals, and facilitation of networking opportunities.


We believe in good corporate and community citizenship.

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Shamrock Charitable Endeavors

Shamrock engages in volunteer activities and actively contributes to charitable causes and organizations within our communities

Employee Development & Mentorship

We believe our employees are our greatest assets. We are focused on nurturing our employees and making Shamrock a fulfilling, enjoyable place to work.

  • Shamrock Employee Mentorship Program – our investment professionals are assigned mentors to provide career guidance and development
  • We hold monthly training and development sessions across various topics that help our staff continue to learn and grow
  • We have a Culture Committee that holds bi-monthly events to encourage Shamrock camaraderie and pride
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“My summer at Shamrock was amazing! I learned from the best and brightest in the private equity industry, gaining an invaluable introduction to the field. I found open and engaging mentors who are truly invested in my overall success. Being a part of the Shamrock family has been a deeply rewarding experience - one that has lasted even after my internship concluded.”

Delali Ofori, Shamrock 2022 DEI Fellow (Fordham Class of 2022)

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“Shamrock has been especially formative in developing my understanding of finance, private equity, as well as what I want out of my professional experiences in the future. From calls with partners to interactions with associates, absolutely everyone at Shamrock were extremely kind, forthcoming, and willing to lend a helping hand. I’m leaving Shamrock knowing that I can send a quick message to all the friends I made at the firm.”

Salma Kamni, Shamrock 2022 DEI Fellow (Stanford Class of 2024)

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