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SaveLive Announces First Round of Venue and Promoter Partners





Los Angeles, CA (April 5, 2022) – SaveLive, the platform founded in 2020 to work with independent venue owners, promoters, and secondary markets, announced its first round of partners.

Twenty venue partners include:

  • The Alibi, Palm Springs, CA
  • The Golden State Theater, Monterey, CA
  • Hammerjacks, Baltimore, MD
  • The Marquis (formerly Harry O’s and Park City Live), Park City, UT
  • The Criterion Ballroom, Oklahoma City, OK
  • Tower Theatre, Oklahoma City, OK
  • Beer City Music Hall, Oklahoma City, OK
  • Ponyboy, Oklahoma City, OK
  • Tech Port Arena, San Antonio, TX
  • Tobin Center, San Antonio, TX
  • Elektricity, Pontiac, MI
  • Deuterman Productions, Various, Florida
  • Patchwork Presents

with many more to be announced shortly.

SaveLive has also launched its official website, which features detailed information and a complete list of its venue partners, investors, and experienced team of specialists from across the spectrum of live music.

The Alibi’s Liz Garo said,

“As an independent booker for Spaceland, The Echo, and 100 other places since the beginning of time, being able to partner with SaveLive is a dream come true. (Alibi co-owner) Melanie Tusquellas and I can stay true to our roots knowing we have their full support, whether its finance, booking, marketing, sponsorship, questions about the bar or just bouncing ideas off the team. It doesn’t hurt that we’ve known some of the people at SaveLive for years – we all came up through the business together.”

“As Ineffable Music continues to focus on bringing top notch national acts to secondary and tertiary markets, getting involved with Marc (Geiger), John (Fogelman), and SaveLive to re- launch the Golden State Theatre in Monterey, CA was a no brainer,” said Ineffable Music president and Golden State Theatre owner, Thomas Cussins. “At Ineffable, we open new outlets for touring acts, creating a more vibrant live music scene--both for the artists and for the fans who deserve to have great music in their backyard. Having SaveLive in our corner gives us even more confidence to keep growing our business.”

SaveLive has also completed its first round of financing, raising $135 million dollars to invest into the independent live music community. Investors include Breyer Capital, Deep Field Asset Management, Raptor Group, and Shamrock Capital.

John Fogelman, SaveLive co-founder, noted,

“When I was 14, I started working for my uncle Lou in one of his record stores, and by the time I was 23, he invited Shamrock Capital in as his partner. I loved those days, and it was poetic for me to call on Shamrock when Marc and I were looking for a strategic financial partner. We are working to build and assist our network of independent venue partners and they are enabling us to fulfill that mission.”

“Partnering with the stewardship of Marc, John, and the entire team of executives at SaveLive right now is remarkable,” stated Shamrock Capital Partner, Andy Howard. “SaveLive is built to bring a ton of value to their partners – from booking to capital investments and more. There is no better time to be backing this team and investing in live entertainment.”

Co-founder and CEO Marc Geiger said,

“When John and I started this mission in late 2020, the live business was feeling pretty hopeless as the pandemic was hitting the sector head on. All I did during this time was listen to music and obsess on ideas on how to help the independent live industry. It was clear streaming services plus the pandemic changed the concert industry for good and web 3.0 is going to change it even more. All of this created a huge punch list of possibilities and to-do’s,” described SaveLive Co-Founder and CEO Marc Geiger. “We used that downtime to raise capital of like-minded and long-term investors, build a music focused team of professionals, and ultimately build out version 1.0 of our partner network. 18 months later, the live business is rushing back to record levels…and it’s time to launch."


In 2020, SaveLive was started to bring scalable services and advantages to independent venue owners and secondary markets. We partner with iconic venues and promoters to grow their brand and business.

SaveLive’s network of independents enjoy the benefits of investment, booking, ticketing strategy, marketing, F&B, VIP, technology, financial analytics, sales and sponsorship and much more.