Our Strategy

Investment Profile
Shamrock is flexible in the structuring of investments.  Given our focus on growing businesses that are often at an inflection point in their lifecycle, we look to provide an investment structure that best allows the portfolio company to achieve its potential.  We are comfortable as both majority and minority investors. Regardless of the type of investment, Shamrock’s role as a value added, active partner remains consistent.

  • Growth Equity: Companies seeking expansion capital.
  • Buyouts & Recapitalizations: Providing shareholders liquidity.

Investment Criteria
Shamrock looks to invest in companies with strong management teams and attractive business models that are poised for growth.  We typically look to generate returns over a three to seven year time horizon.  In general, Shamrock’s investment criteria can be summarized as follows:

  • Industry Focus: Media, Entertainment and Communications
  • Investment Size: $15 million to $100 million of equity
  • Investment Type: Lead investor in a controlling or minority position, including Growth Equity, Buyouts and Recapitalizations.
  • Investment Qualities:
    • Competitive differentiation
    • Market leadership
    • Strong growth prospects
    • Operating leverage
    • Management and ownership alignment

How we work with our Partners

Adding Value
Shamrock has developed an extensive network in our targeted industries since our founding as the Roy E. Disney family investment company over thirty years ago.  As partners, we look to utilize this network and our deep industry knowledge to bring value to our portfolio companies. We build true partnerships with management predicated on clear communication, trust and respect. Through such partnerships we have been able to add value in strategy, finance, and all aspects of operations.