Mojiva Ad Network Reaches 1 Billion Devices

It seems like a good day to throw around billions. Mobile ad startup Mojiva says it’s now reaching 1 billion unique devices a month. Of those, about 224 million are in the U.S., while the United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy account for 33 million, 10.6 million, and 8.7 million, respectively.

Overall, Mojiva says it’s serving 45 billion ad requests in 190 countries.(When mobile ad network Millennial Media filed for an IPO last month, it said it reached 200 million unique users worldwide and claimed 40 billion ad impressions per month.)

The billion unique devices seen on the Mojiva mobile ad network are made up of smart phones, feature phones, tablets and touch screen devices such as the iPod Touch, and data is from the month of December 2011.